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Born in a little village near Vranje, Mita Ristic is talented artist, who isn't interested only in fine art but he was also an actor in theater “Bora Stankovic” . 
In 1978. he won  a first price on a group exhibition, when his work was for the first time presented to audience. Most noticeable exhibitions are: “Republican festival of art and film making in Istok, Pec, Spring exhibition of Šabac artist association; gallery Atelier 97, Paris; Russian gallery in Belgrade.”
He gave his pictures to public eye trough solo exhibitions and has over 20 of them: “Gallery of museum of Skopje Ljubomir Belogaski, Macedonia; gallery Trajko Prokopiev, Kumanovo Macedonia; gallery Marko Cepenkov, Prilep,  Macedonia; gallery of museum of Vranje, Serbia” and many others.
Mita Ristic is also member of many artists associations in Serbia, “Artist association of Šabac;  artist association of Vranje; artist association of Vranje.
He uses his interest in fine art to help people when needed so he took interest in many humanitarian actions and started some of them: “Assistance for Serbs in Kosovo;  Assistance for the reconstruction of the monastery Hilandar, Greece; Assistance for SOS Village, Kraljevo” and many others.

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